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At dean samarkovski OPTOMETRIST we offer comprehensive eye testing for all ages from 6 months and upwards. Our examinations are conducted in a welcoming and friendly environment that allows us to focus our attention on your individual needs. We routinely allocate 60 minutes for all general eye examinations, which gives plently of time to discuss eye health findings and also make suggestions that improve your lifestyle. This also provides time to discuss any particular needs with choosing spectacle frames and lenses. It is an aim of this practice to ensure that you never feel rushed during any eye examination. 
Eye examinations at this practice will routinely screen for common eye conditions such as: 
We provide documentation of eye examinations to your GP, eye specialist, or any other health provider and provide referrals for all types of ophthalmology appointments. All general eye examinations are currently bulk-billed, including new patients wanting a second opinion, as we believe every person in the community deserves excellent eye care. We do charge an out of pocket fee for digital retinal scanning, specialised visual perceptual testing for children, and for patients new to contact lens wear.
Automated perimetry assesses the sensitivity of your central and peripheral vision and produces an accurate map of your central and peripheral visual field. Visual field tests help monitor, detect, or diagnose many conditions that effect the eye including, glaucoma, macular degeneration, neurological damage and trauma. Currently, this test is bulk-billed to medicare.
Corneal topography assesses the anterior curvature of the cornea and produces a highly precise map of the contours of your cornea. Our topographer measures to an accuracy of within 2 microns, which is incredible given a human hair is 75 microns thick. The precise mapping of your cornea makes the fitting of custom rigid hard contact lenses more accurate, and can be used to monitor any alterations in corneal shape caused by progressive corneal disorders such as pytergium, degenerative disease, and keratoconnus.
A digital retinal scan provides a digital photograph of your retina, optic nerve, macula, and blood vessels which is saved on file for future comparison. A retinal scan helps detect early signs of retinal pathology, and is extremely useful for photo-documenting diabetic patients who have increased susceptability  to vascular changes.
A digital camera provides a digital photograph or video or your cornea or lens of the eye which is saved on file for future comparison. A corneal or lens scan helps detect and monitorsigns of corneal disease including infection, trauma, cataract, pytergium and other pathology associated with the anterior portion of the eye.
A specialised infrared imaging system is able to view the meibomian glands directly within the eyelids and provide diagnostic information on the health and function of the meibomian glands which are often linked with dry eye conditons such as evaporative dry eye syndrome.
We offer comprehensive eye examinations for children, and routinely record a large variety of binocular vision measurements. This is because we firmly believe that having 20/20 vision does not mean that the visual system is comfortable or efficient, particularly for prolonged near tasks. These extra tests of visual efficiency take more time and are not often performed routinely in high volume practices. To learn more please CLICK HERE.