Welcome to Dean Samarkovski Optometrist, Indooroopilly

‘Welcome  to my optometry practice. I founded this practice on two simple beliefs, firstly no two individuals are alike, and secondly, everybody’s eyes truly deserve to be meticulously cared for.  The original concept continues to evolve, and is being constantly refined, with the single aim of providing exceptional service and the highest possible eye care in a welcoming, calm environment. In contrast to chain stores which are constrained by a narrow service and product range, here, we remain totally adaptive to your changing needs, and we will support you every step of the way.

‘Your eyes are just as precious to me, as they are to you’ – Dean

About the practice

Dean Samarkovski Optometrist, Indooroopilly,  first opened the doors in 2013, with a view of creating a practice that had a calm and welcoming presence. Natural materials and a soft colour palette were selected to create warmth, and evoke a sense of wellbeing. From the moment you walk in, you will be greeted by a friendly smile and be enveloped by relaxing background music. 

But, the real heart of the practice was in the belief of providing the highest quality eye care to each and every family member that visits the practice. To ensure the highest possible eye care standards are consistently met, all consultation times were extended to double or even triple the length of standard optometry practices.

The front frame display area of Dean Samarkovski Optometrist practice located in Indooroopilly, Brisbane

‘At my practice, you will never feel rushed. You will leave empowered with the knowledge your eyes have been thoroughly cared for’

portrait of dean Samarkovski optometrist dressed in suit and smiling at the camera on a dark grey background

About Dean – Optometrist and Practice Owner

Upon finishing high school, Dean completed a Bachelor of Science degree, graduating with First Class Honours, and declined a PhD scholarship to pursue his interest in Optometry. Dean graduated from QUT in 1996 with a First Class Honours degree in Optometry and was awarded the Kenneth B Ward Memorial Price for obtaining the highest marks in the visual sciences. In the last few years, Dean has undertaken further studies including a Graduate Diploma in Ocular Therapeutics to enable the prescribing of ocular medicines and completed the CASA aviation course to enable formal testing of pilots for CASA.

Dean has gained many years of experience working as an optometrist, having practised exclusively in Indooroopilly for 25 years. Over this time, Dean has developed strong, ongoing, relationships with local GP’s and Opthalmologist’s and is confidently able to recommend the best practitioners in their chosen fields when the need arises.

About our community

‘We are in a fortunate position of being able to contribute to our local community in a number of ways.’

‘Whether it be by providing free advice or  simply cleaning,  and re-alining your spectacles, everybody is welcome to stop in and say hello.’

Dean Samarkovski Optometrist and MP Jane Prentice sitting at the slit lamp whilst having an eye examination

Macular Degeneration

We had the pleasure of the Federal Member of Ryan, Hon, Jane Prentice MP visit the practice during Macular Degeneration Week, helping raise awareness of the importance of having regular eye examinations.

Report from Channel Nine in the foreground talking to the camera whilst dean samarkovski optometrist is conducting an eye examination in the background on a elderly gentleman

Seniors Eye Health

We were pleased to have Channel 9 visit the practice, promoting the importance of regular eye examinations and the benefits of government assistance for hearing aids, mobility aids and spectacles.

Lions recycle for sight logo depicting a round pair of glasses with the Lions insignia in the lower left corner

Lions Recycle Program

We continue our project of collecting spectacles on behalf of the Lions Club for redistribution throughout the world. Since the inception of the program in Australia, 2.5 million pairs of glasses have found grateful recipients in various countries around the world. Feel free to drop in any no longer required spectacles at this practice to help support the fantastic project.

Closeup of dean samarkovski and his daughter Emma wearing sunglasses promoting the importance of UV protection for the eyes

‘We offer simple repairs of glasses like nose pads and screw replacement within the practice, and for anything more complex, the glasses will be sent to a respected spectacle repairer.’