CASA Aviation Examinations

We are highly experienced in aviation eye medicals

CASA aviation eye exams

At Dean Samarkovski Optometrist, we are highly experienced in processing applicants for CASA aviation licences. Having processed hundreds of applicants, Dean is a credentialed optometrist (CO) which means he reports all examination findings directly back to CASA. Examination results are typically forwarded to CASA on the day of examination, unless further information or testing is required to fully complete the application. Dean is able to process applicants seeking a Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 licence, as well as CAA applicants. The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) promotes aviation safety through stringent regulations and by encouraging all of the industry to maintain high safety standards. 

What to bring to your appointment

What to expect at your appointment

Aviation eye examinations take 45-60 minutes and require your pupils to be dilated. The dilation of pupils is mandatory for adequate assessment of eye health. As your pupils will remain dilated following the examination, care must be taken not to drive immediately after the assessment. We recommend you consider bringing a driver or arrange alternative transport. Also, it is recommended that you bring sunglasses to minimise the discomfort of glare associated with pupil dilation. Typically, it will take about 2 hours for your vision to return to a more comfortable level.

CASA has strict guidelines that must be adhered to for an accurate and compliant assessment of your eyes. Tests that are mandatory include measuring distance, intermediate and near vision with and without glasses worn. Colour vision will be assessed as well as the binocular coordination of the two eyes. Your eye pressure will be recorded and your eye health will be thoroughly assessed both externally and internally, and finally an assessment will be made of your side vision (peripheral vision). If any problems are detected during the examination, then further specific tests may be required either on the day, or at a subsequent visit.