When considering your new bespoke lenses at deansamarkovski OPTOMETRIST, we take into consideration your prescription, your lifestyle, your wearing habits, and your comfort. With this information we are able to make recommendations that best suit you as an individual, together to improve your vision and enhance the life of your lenses. 
rsz zeiss duravision details broadband ar-coating 600x308Zeiss lenses coatings help you have a crystal clear and comfortable view of the world. Anti-reflective coatings eliminate distracting glare and reflections giving you clear vision and making your lenses appear invisible. Made up of nine ultra-thin layers, the latest anti-reflective (AR) coating from Zeiss is a technological marvel. Consisting of an anti-static coating to prevent dust and lint buildup, a super-slick coating to repel water and oils, and a multi-layer system to reduce lens reflections, Zeiss anti-reflective coatings are designed to help you see your very best.
rsz zeiss photofusionZeiss self-tinting (PhotoFusion) lenses feature the ability to automatically lighten and darken depending on the amount of light in your environment. This gives you the convienience of day long comfort with changing light conditions, from indoors to outdoors.
The lens contains molecules that react to UV rays, hence the more intensive UV rays activate the molecule causing it to darken. Indoors, away from UV exposure, the lens quickly lightens once more.  PhotoFusion lenses provide 100% protection against harmful UV rays, and are available in either a natural grey or brown tint.