ZEISS Office lenses

Specifically tailored for your job and your eyes

ZEISS office lenses

ZEISS Office lenses are tailored for your job and your eyes. This ensures you enjoy comfortable vision in the office, no matter where you look. The ZEISS range of office lenses offer a large visual field for the near and intermediate zones and can be tailored to your requirements on the job. These lenses are optimised for the viewing distance between you and your computer screen, the distance to the customer or a co-worker or the perfect distance for reading. This allows your eyes to relax, and ensures a more comfortable posture while performing near tasks. . 

As you age into your late 30’s, you may notice when using a computer, that shifting your focus from a keyboard to the monitor, or from the monitor to across the room,  is suddenly more stressful for your eyes. Changing your eyes focus over varying distances requires more effort and becomes noticeably slower.  To compensate, you may begin leaning forward or tilting your head, which leads to back and neck pains and brings along with it, dry and sometimes teary eyes.

ZEISS Office Lenses help prevent this type of visual stress: they are customised for your particular vision needs while on the job and are – unlike reading or progressive lenses – optimised for all required distances while working in front of a computer screen.

Spectacles with standard reading or progressive lenses are generally not ideal for working at the computer because the relevant areas of the lens are not optimised for office work. Reading glasses, for example, only enable optimum vision for a short distance – too short for working at the computer or looking at your desk. With progressive lenses, however, the wearer looks at the monitor through the lower area of the lens and must tilt their head upwards in order to see the screen clearly. Both types of lenses promote an unnatural posture while sitting, potentially causing muscle tension in your back, shoulders and back as well as headaches. ZEISS Office lenses optimise the placement of the intermediate and near portions of the lens to provide sharp vision at the computer screen whilst maintaining  a comfortable posture.