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Tips on preventing your glasses fogging up when wearing a face mask

If you wear spectacles, you’ll understand how irritating it is when your lenses fog up. This has been particularly annoying since we have all been wearing face masks. Whether you come in from the cold, cook, have a hot drink, play sports or wear a mask – foggy lenses make it difficult to see.

A couple of tips that will help minimise fogging of glasses when wearing a mask

  • Firstly, ensure that the top of the mask is well sealed against your skin to minimise the flow of warm exhaled air upwards towards your glasses.
  • Secondly, wearing your glasses further down your nose away from your eyes will provide better ventilation of the lenses and minimise fogging, however this is not always practical as it may change your vision through the glasses, particularly with progressive lenses.

If these suggestions are not sufficient to minimise fogging of your glasses then there is a solution to the problem – the ZEISS AntiFog spray and cloth for glasses. The ZEISS AntiFog kit is an effective solution that can keep your lenses fog free for up to 72 hours. This means clearer, more comfortable vision, even when you have to wear a face mask. At this practice we stock the Zeiss AntiFog Kit which we have personally tested ourselves, and found it works perfectly.

How does the ZEISS AntiFog spray kit work?

  • The ZEISS AntiFog spray and ZEISS AntiFog Cloth leaves behind a thin film (comparable with a temporary additional coating) on the lenses. This ensures that fine, condensed water droplets cannot adhere to the lens surface.
  • Thanks to the specially developed cloth, this process is quick, gentle and does not damage the lens coating.
  • This product can be used with coated snow goggles, sunglasses, helmet visors, ski, swimming and diving goggles as well as with lenses for computer glasses, protective eyewear and camera lenses.

How to use the AntiFog Kit

  1. In order to ensure that ZEISS AntiFog works optimally, the lenses should first be cleaned using ZEISS Lens Wipes or Lens Spray to remove any dust or dirt from the lenses.
  2. When completely dry, spray both sides of the lens with the AntiFog Spray.
  3. Next rub the lenses with the AntiFog Cloth evenly and generously on both sides until the surface is completely dry. It is vital that the AntiFog cloth is used, as a regular microfibre cloth will remove the AntiFog coating making it not effective.
  4. Apply a new coat of AntiFog as required to ensure optimal performance.