Ørgreen Optics is a global eyewear brand born and based in Copenhagen. All Orgreen frames are handmade, focussing on superior quality as a foundation for good design.

With Ørgreen products, every component is artisanal – even the color. For over 20 decades, Ørgreen have developed unique color stories with a dedicated in-house colorist, who draws her inspiration from art, design, and nature. These are imaginatively applied to technologically innovative titanium, acetate, and combination frames.

Combined with a Danish design ethos, Ørgreen products are characterized by the love of detail, precision, and longevity. 

Ørgreen glasses are crafted to last forever!

Ørgreen’s products are made in Japan, a nation with a long and proud tradition of superior eyewear manufacturing. The typical Orgreen frame takes 4-6 months to produce. Each frame is handmade at 8 different locations and passes through more than 100 individual steps doing production.

Brisbane optometrist, Dean Samarkovski Optometrist is a proud stockist of Orgreen frames.