These days, glasses have become a true must-have of any fashionista, expressing and emphasizing its wearer’s personality and character. A logical evolution: since glasses are the first thing people notice when they meet someone, why not make most of this opportunity to make an impression? That is why designer Marc Delagrange, optics and modern art aficionado, showcases glasses as haute couture: objets d’art without affecting functionality and comfort.

Mass production in other words is a no go: HENAU swears by unique, hand drawn designs, profiling itself as a true eyewear couturier. Designer Marc Delagrange doesn’t shy away from unconventional views nor technological innovation. HENAU seeks to fully honour craftsmanship, and adds it to his portfolio, to enrich it with its own avant-garde designs, full of character.

The main goal of HENAU is to design eyewear that perfectly matches your face, personal preferences and character.

Brisbane optometrist, Dean Samarkovski Optometrist, is a proud stockist of Henau eyewear.