ZEISS HUMPHREY VISUAL FIELD Brisbane 2A visual field assessment examines the area of vision you have as well as determining how well you see within that area. It checks your peripheral (or side) vision and central vision and provides information relating to the function of your eyes. This tests helps to diagnose and monitor certain eye conditions that affect the retina (the light sensitive layer at the back of the eye), the optic nerve (the nerve thaht carries information from yiour eye to the brain), and the integrity of the visual pathway through the brain.

To assess the extent of your visual field, a device know as a visual field machine (automated perimeter) is used. This practice has the latest Zeiss Humphrey visual field machine which is known as the 'gold standard' machine used by ophthalmologists across the world. The latest software we use significantly reduces the testing time, down from 6-8 minutes per eye to now only 3-4 minutes per eye which eliminates patient fatigue.

The Zeiss Humphrey visual field machine also has the 'Esterman driving test' program which is the standard recommended program used for assessing visual fields in relation to holding a drivers licence. This practice regularly sees patients referred by other health professionals for Esterman driving test assessment.