Spectralis OCT brisbane optometrist
Optical coherence tomography (OCT) 
Optical coherence tomograph (OCT) is a specialised method of imaging the various layers of the retina, the optic nerve head, and the anterior segment of the eye. Similar to ultrasound, individual layers of tissue are scanned with a safe laser, without touching the eye and displayed as a cross-section. This technology provides unique insights into the health of structures of the eye that would otherwise not be otherwise visible using standard examination techniques.
spectralisThis practice believes in the highest standard of eyecare and therefore has invested in a Heidelberg Engineering Spectralis OCT which is manufactured in Germany. This OCT device is the preference of choice for many ophthalmologists and hospitals across the world and provides highly accurate and repeatable scans of the eye. The Heidelberg Spectralis OCT is capable of showing 10 retinal layers and can reliably measure changes in retinal thickness as small as 1 micron. This makes this OCT the perfect choice for providing an accurate assessment of your eye health.
An OCT examination provides information about the condition of the retinal layers and optic nerve which can help identify early signs of disease. The OCT scan is particularly useful for issues concerning fluid retention and swelling in the retina, which may often occur in age-related macular degeneration and diabetes. OCT is so sensitive that it can show signs of disease before you notice any changes in your vision. This is an advantage because studies have proven that starting treatment early is the best way to save vision. OCT is also helpful for confirming whether your treatment is working or not.
The fee for OCT sanning at this practice is $80, and currently there is no rebate or reimbursement available from Medicare or any Health Funds.