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Gold & Wood was founded by Maurice Leonard who was inspired by the beauty of Finewood. Dean Samarkovski OPTOMETRIST is proud to stock these beautifully crafted wooden eyepieces. Also available is spectacle frames made from a combination of wood and natural horn.
PHILOSOPHY Gold & Wood take the time to handcraft the worlds most elegant EyepiecesTM, made from the most exquisite natural materials. Before Gold & Wood frames become EyepiecesTM, they begin as beautiful materials in their raw form: The Gold, The Wood, and The Horn. Only by combining these natural materials by true artisans, do these raw ingredients truly transform into EyepiecesTM. Uniting these materials awakens a magical element that makes Gold & Wood frames unique. This magic brings the new owner back in touch with the beauty of the world that surrounds us.
QUALITY Gold & Wood frames are entirely handcrafted with traditional artistry and are the result of the talent and dexterity of seasoned craftsmen. At each stage of production, the workmanship is inspected before the next stage can be reached. From shape-cutting, to varnish sanding, and polishing, the work must perfectly balance delicacy with strength, something that Gold & Wood frames are famous for. Strength is derived from high quality alloy metal parts and these are intergrated seamlessly into the final design. Each individual frame is hand assembled and adjusted by hand before passing to final inspection controllers. Tests are performed on the frames, in particular to the spring hinges, and this is your guarantee of workmanship and quality.
SUSTAINABILITY Gold & Wood is fully committed to sustainable development, and maintains social responsibility with the procurement of natural raw materials. African and Vietnamese buffalo horn is taken from domesticated animals meant for human consumption, and Indian horns are taken respectfully. Wood is anallergic and also very light, making this material ideal for contemporary eyewearGold & Wood only uses wood from an FSC certified supplier, guaranteeing traceability of this natural resource and ensuring systematic reforestation is taking place. The chosen wood supplier facilities only use low toxicity environmentally friendly dyes for transforming the raw material into beautiful masterpieces.
Gold & Wood - True eyewear masterpieces
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