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Imagine life without glasses
Going to the gym, swimming, team sports, bike riding, important social events, and many other endless occassions you may think of, can all be suitable for wearing contact lenses. Dean samarkovski OPTOMETRIST, Indooroopilly Brisbane has over twenty years experience in fitting contact lenses to patients from the age of 10 and above.
We take great care to ensure your successful introduction to contact lenses. We understand that you may be excited or even apprehensive trying contact lenses for the first time, so we have carefully developed procedures over the years that gently ease you into wearing lenses for the very first time. This may involve completing some pre-training at home prior to having contact lenses placed on your eye for the very first time. As Dean has a very patient and caring approach to his patients, he particularly enjoys the of satisfaction of fitting contact lenses to those who didn't believe they could wear them.
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Only through accurate measurments of your corneal curvature and cornea diameter can you be sure that a lens will fit accurately offering comfortable and stable vision. Poor fitting lenses may result in unecessary discomfort, excessive dryness, and unstable or fluctuating vision. Taking the time to perform the appropriate initial examination of your eyes and discussing your expectations ultimately determines success in wearing contacts with minimal complications. Dean will take the time to treat any significant dry eye or blepharitis prior to commencing contact lens wear. This ensures a more favourable outcome in the long term.
    Before recommending contact lenses we consider
    tear fluid volume and quality
    eyelid health
    previous known allergies
    current medication
    lifestyle and activities
previous contact lens experiences you may have encountered