Myopia control spectacle lenses

Slow your child's myopia with myopia control lenses

Research has shown that when myopia is corrected with single vision lenses, the central retina is in sharp focus offering clear vision, however the outer edges of the retina (‘peripheral retina’)  remain unfocussed with light falling behind the retina. It appears that when light is focussed behind the retina, it stimulates the growth of the eye to elongate bringing with it increasing myopia. If a spectacle lens can be designed to accurately correct the central retina and bring the peripheral retina focus in front the retina, then this switches off the need for the eye to continue to grow longer, and slows the development of myopia. This is the principle of myopia control spectacle lenses.

Hoya MiYOSMART lenses

Little boy smiling wearing glasses with the Hoya MiyoSmart lenses

MiYOSMART lenses by Hoya are safe, easy to use, an effective non-invasive way to manage myopia in children. This revolutionary spectacle lens based on patented Defocus Incorportated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S) Technology was developed in conjunction with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The lenses come with an easy to wipe special antireflective durable coating, are impact resistant and have full UV protection. Studies have shown these lenses may slow myopia progression by up to 60%.

How they work

Hoya MiYOSMART lens uses D.I.M.S  Technology to correct the vision of the child over the entire surface of the lens, whilst having a ring shaped treatment area to slow down myopia progression. The alternating focussed area and defocussed area provide clear vision whilst managing myopia simultaneously.

Ray tracing diagram depicting the optical properties of the Hoya MiyoSmart lenses

ZEISS MyoVision Pro lenses

Young smiling Asian child being piggy backed by his mother gazing in the distance wearing glasses with the Zeiss MyoVisoin Pro lenses for the slowing of myopia progression

ZEISS Myovision Pro lenses are specifically designed to help manage the progression of myopia in children. The Myovision Pro lenses has been specially designed for children’s anatomy and their lifestyle. The lenses are child-friendly, allowing for easy adaptation, and come with full UV protection to protect their eyes against harmful UV radiation. Studies have shown that these lenses may slow myopia progression by up to 30%.

How they work

The ZEISS MyoVision design applies the principles of ‘peripheral defocus’ management to control the peripheral rays of light falling behind the retina, and bring them forward in front of the retina. This slows the development of myopia.

Ray tracing schematic of the human eye showing the optical properties of a standard corrective myopia lens in front of the eye
Schematic of the human eye with a ray tracing diagram depicting the optical properties of the MyoVision Pro lens designed for myopia control

Both the ZEISS MyoVision Pro and the Hoya MiYOSMART lens are available from this practice. If you feel your child may benefit from these lenses, or you require further information, please phone 3162 5597 and speak to us today.