Rudy Project Rydon prescription sunglasses brisbane 

rsz rudy project logo-1deansamarkovski OPTOMETRIST is a Brisbane stockist of Rudy Project prescription sunglasses. We stock and recommend the number one selling Rudy Project sunglass, Rydon. We carry this model in a range of colours and lenses, and if it is not in store then we can have it shipped the next day. The Rydon by Rudy Project has fantastic features including 360 degree adjustable temple tips that are non-slip ensuring maximum comfort even during perspiration. Anti-slip adjustable nosepads  allowing a perfect fit on your bridge, constructed from hypoallergenic materials which keep the glasses secure even during vigorous activity. Rudy Project sunglasses come with a range of lens options including photochromic lenses which automatically change from clear to dark depending on the weather conditions, and polarised photogrey lenses which eliminate glare.

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Need a prescription in your sports sunglasses? The Rydon model is the only Rudy Project sunglass to have 3 options for including your custom prescription and we can do them all. 

Custom made prescription lenses that fit directly into the Rydon frame, this is the top of the range option for those wanting the ultimate in vision and comfort. The lenses are manufactured in Italy, and are fully customised and optimised to ensure maximum fields of vision. The lens comes with highly engineered coatings to eliminate glare, ghost images, halos and offering cleaner vision by preventing dust, water drops, scratches, and finger marks. It will ensure maximum comfort while providing oustanding durability. 


The RX Direct Clip is only available for the Rydon model. This is a great option to add prescription lenses to as the clip contains the new lenses for your sunglasses. The benefit is that the lens material, colour, coatings, and prescription can be custom made to you requirements. The end result is a single lens held within the frame, preventing any fogging on the lens surface.


The RX Insert Clip is available for a range of Rudy Project sunglasses, including the Rydon model. This is the entry point to prescription sunglasses with Rudy Project. The insert clip benefits those with higher prescriptions, as the lenses can be manufactured maintaining a thin edge design due to the smaller size of the insert clip. The original Rudy Project lenses remain at the front of the sunglass.



Need safety glasses for work including on mine sites? The Rydon model is the only Rudy Project sunglass that meets the AS/NZ 1067 standards for safety eyewear. The non-prescription photochromic lens changes from clear to dark grey when activated by UV light. The Rydon is full adjustable and no other safety glass offers this level of style and comfort. If a prescription is required then the Rydon can be supplied with prescription lenses that meet AS/NZ 1336/1337 medium impact safety standards. Prescription lenses are supplied with complete safety certification.  


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