resrei brisbane


RES/REI frames and sunglasses embody true Italian heritage. RES/REI means 'the thing' in Latin, and symbolises all objects in life that surround us.


RES/REI do not follow fashion trends but rather focus on creating their own unique signature style, with a view to create an individual piece that defines your aesthetic. 


RES/REI handmade glasses are designed to survive in time and age gracefully. A true masterpiece will continue to be appreciated and admired some years later. High quality individual components and precision hand-crafting ensure each piece in the collection lives up to the RES/REI reputation: "Handmade in Italy with love" 


RES/REI only work with local Italian suppliers and manufacturers. The cellulose acetate frame material is derived from the infamous Mazzucchelli factory, which is just down the road from the RES/REI headquarters. Mazzucchelli is the world leader in acetate production and have remained a family operated manufacturer since 1849. In fact, from initial concept to the final product, all RES/REI eyewear is entirely made in Italy.

Handmade in Italy with love