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Rexon-Eye Dry Eye Treatment

The Rexon-Eye is the latest dry eye innovation that uses patented Quantum Molecular Resonance (QMR) technology to treat patients with all types of dry eye disease. Rexon-Eye is the only device that can treat both aqueous deficient dry eye disease and meibomian gland dysfunction disease. The technology works by applying weak alternating electric currents at frequencies that stimulate the tear production system and increase the activity of the specfic glands that produce our tear fluid. This safe and pain-less proceedure stimulates the metabolism and natural regeneration of the cells involved in tear production. The result is increased aqueous and tear production as well as increased quantiity and quality of lipids produced by the meibomian glands. Overall, the tear film is re-balanced and the eye feel lubricated and hydrated.

We are proud to be the first optometrist in Brisbane to offer this advanced dry eye treatment, which was previously only available at a few ophthalmologists in Brisbane.



What are the benefits of Rexon-Eye treatment?

The treatment has been clinically proven to increase tear production and stablise the tear film. This helps minimise rapid evaporation of tear fluid from the eye surface, meaning the eyes feel hydrated for much longer periods of time. Another benefit of the treatment is restoring the actiivty of the meibomian glands which significantly reduces the risk of further gland disease and cellular decay.

What does the treatment involve?

Rexon-Eye treatment is delived by small electrodes placed within a comfortable mask worn over closed eyes for 20 minutes. During treatment, the patient experiences a pleasant sensation of warmth to the eyelid surface, which is comfortable and relaxing. 

How many treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required are dependent on the severity of dry eye disease, however the initial recommended protocol is 4 treatments over 4 weeks, which delivers long lasting results for many patients. You will require reassessment 8 weeks after the final treatment to assess the improvement in dry eye symptoms and plan any future treatments as required.

How long does the treatment take to work?

The Rexon-Eye treatment stimulates the regeneration of cells involved in tear fluid production,  The patient reponses time is variable amongst individuals, however for the majority of people, the most noticable improvement in dry eyes symptoms occurs 6-8 weeks after the final treatment.

How long does the treatment last?

Treatments have been clinically shown to give lasting dry eye relief for upto 18 months, however some patients will require a top-up treatment depending on the severity of their dry disease.



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