anterior-imaging-slit-lampAnterior Segment Imaging

Anterior segment imaging records photos and video of vital components of the front of the eye and from deep within the eye. This information is desirable for accurate diagnosis and monitoring of pre-existing disease or newly found conditions of the eye.
This practice is equiped with the top of the range Topcon Slitlamp fitted with a high definition camera which captures clear and sharp still images and vivid colour video of the various structures within the eye.  Images in high resolution and upto 40x magnification can be obtained of the various layers of the cornea and overlying tear fluid, eyelids and lashes and deep within the eye including the lens, iris, corneoscleral angle, vitreous and retina. These images are stored for future comparison and can be shared with other health professionals such as ophthalmologists, general practitioners and optometrists.
Common eye conditions that can be imaged with this high tech slitlamp include cataract, pytergium, corneal abrasions or infections, dry eye and eyelid disease, narrow angle glaucoma and peripheral retinal lesions.