orgreen frames brisbaneOrgreen premium designer eyewear is famous for its innovative colours and distinctive minimal styling. Made exclusively from the precious lightweight metals, titanium and beta-titanium, each frame is handcrafted to last.

Designed in Denmark and made in Japan, each Orgreen frame requires over 100 productions steps to achieve perfection, and this process can take over 6 months. 

Orgreen frames are renowned for their achievements in colour asthetic, and with over 400 different hues, there is sure to be a colour to suit you. The colouring process requires 15 individual steps and includes handmasking the frame temples to achieve different colours on the inside compare to the outside.

All Orgreen frames are designed with timeless and minimal characteristics, ensuring both you and the frames will look great for years to come. A timeless investment in beauty.

orgreen glasses brisbane