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deansamarkovski OPTOMETRIST is proud to stock an extensive range of MAUI JIM sunglasses. MAUI JIM are renowned for offering the highest quality sunglass lenses, that instantly cut all glare and offer richer, bolder colours and sharper vision. With patented PolarisedPlus 2 technology, MAUI JIM lenses offer distortion free optics and will brighten up your world. The best way to see this technology at work is to come in to our store and try a pair on for yourself. 
MAUI JIM lenses are available in 4 great color options.
mauineutral-greyNeutral Grey offers the greatest light reduction whilst maintaining a rich colour palette and excellent contrast. This lens works the best in bright direct sunlight, particularly near water.
mauihcl-bronzeHCL Bronze lenses have a warm bronze colour tone, that offers greater contrast suitable for a variety of lighting conditions. This lens works in full sun through to overcast conditions.
maui-roseMaui Rose lenses have a slight rose colour tone offering the highest contrast available and can be used for everyday conditions. This lens is particularly suitable for fast moving sports.
maui-htMaui HT lenses are high transmission lenses which offer superior contrast and colour when other lenses appear too dark. This lens can be used in low light conditions, such as early mornings, late afternoons or on foggy days.
MAUI JIM lenses are also manufactured in a variety of materials including Maui Evolution, Polycarbonate and SuperThin (ST) Glass. Maui Evolution offers the dual benefits of high scratch and impact resistance in one lightweight material. Polycarbonate lenses offer extremely high impact resistance whilst ST Glass offers extremely high scratch resistance. When it comes to prescription lenses, we recommend the Maui Evolution lens material as it combines the best of both worlds, high impact and scratch resistance with crystal clear optical qualities.
deansamarkovski OPTOMETRIST is an authorised retailer of genuine MAUI JIM prescription lenses. Spectacle prescription lenses are available as single vision distance lenses, single vision reading lenses, and top of the range progressive lenses which offer vision from distance to near and everything in between. MAUI JIM cater for a wide variety of prescriptions, so it is hightly likely a lens solution is available for you.
The MAUI JIM Bamboo Forest frame is currently one of our favourite frames due to its lighweight ultrathin design, manufactured in a special polymer called Grilamid. This frame offers all day comfort and strength while maintaining flexibility. It also features non-slip adjustable nose pads.
The Ho'okipa sunglass frame is another fantastic sunglass frame from MAUI JIM. It is available with a bifocal reading lens straight off the shelve! Available in 3 reading powers including +1.50, +2.00 and +2.50 dioptres, you can now gaze at a menu, read a book at the beach, or thread a fishing line with ease.
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