Born in Africa, L.G.R frames and sunglasses have a unique history that begins with a trip to Eritrea by Luca Gnecchi Ruscone in 2005. Luca's grandfather had previously owned an optical shop until 1970. On his trip to rediscover his grandfather's heritage, Luca returns with a box of untouched period sunglasses orginally imported from Italy 50 years before. Luca tracked down the original manufacturer of these sunglasses in Italy and reopened the factory that once produced these frames.

LGR-frames-brisbane-optometrist    LGR Luxor 



Using only traditional methods that were employed originally by artisans, L.G.R frames are handmade from cured cellulose acetate which means they will slowly adapt to the wearers face shape creating an exceptionally personal fit. All L.G.R frames are polished in rotating barrels of beech and birch wood chips prior to final hand polishing. L.G.R frames and sunglasses have an exciting story surrounding their inception, and remain true to their original identity, originally formed many years ago.

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