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We are a premium supplier of the Zeiss Teleloupe GTX Spectacle System which are spectacle mounted loupes. These loupes provide a magnified binocular and stereoscopic view, with their primary use being in dentistry, medicine and technology. The primary advantage of using quality loupes such as German manufactured Zeiss loupes is outstanding optics and clarity. Furthermore, Zeiss GTX loupes are lightweight, with each loupe and mounting ring weighing a total of 6 grams (2x mag) or 7 grams (2.5x mag).
Optical loupes make visually demanding tasks more precise and allow for less eye strain when performing close tasks for prolonged periods of time. A further significant benefit is improved ergonomic posture causing less neck, shoulder and back strain.
Magnification Working distance measured from the eye 
2x 500mm
2x 450mm
2x 400mm
2x  350mm
2x 300mm
2.5x 450mm
2.5x 400mm
2.5x 350mm
The Zeiss lens system is contained within a mounting ring which is cemented onto glass or plastic lenses featuring any prescription. The prescription carrier lenses can be inserted in any sturdy spectacle frame with excellent fitting properties. It can be useful to mount the lenses onto a safety frame if side shields are desired. 
Zeiss GTX loupes are manufactured with two different magnifications and a number of working distances. The working distance is a vital consideration and should be considered and measured accurately to allow for the most comfortable ergonomic position. 
As with any quality optical instrument, precise measurments are required to obtain the best visual results, therefore we take our time ensuring these are taken with the utmost care. We typically follow the steps outlined below when new Zeiss loupes are purchased through this practice.
We provide an initial consultation, at which an accurate refraction is performed and a discussion is made around selecting the preferred magnification and working distance. It is prudent to have considered the working distance prior to this consultation by measuring the actual working distance to the patient in the workplace, as this can vary for each individual practitioner.
Next we will carefully select an optical or safety style frame with importance placed on comfort and adjustability.  Precise measurments are then taken of your visual axis whilst in a head posture that simulates the working position the lenses will ultimately be used in.
The prescription or non-prescription lenses are ordered using quality Zeiss products and fitted to the frame. Once the lenses have been fitted, the frame is transferred to the Zeiss laboratory in Sydney and the lens ring mounts are accurately cemented into place, using the measurements we made of your visual axis. The loupes are then attached to the mount and forwarded back to our practice.
Once completed, we will schedule an appointment with Dean (optometrist) who will manually adjust the loupes whilst you are viewing a target to ensure both eyes are centered though the lens oculars. The frame is adjusted for comfort, alignment and stability and you shall begin using your new loupes.
We provide a follow-up call after two weeks of wearing the loupes, and invite a return visit to the practice after 1 month, to fine tune any loupe or frame component. Loupes generally do not require any regular special maintainence, however a 6 monthly visit to our practice will ensure the frame is still in correct alignment and loupes are still positioned accuratley before your visual axis.
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