Ortho-k, also known as orthokeratology, is a proceedure which involves gently reshaping the cornea which can restore blurred vision back to normal clear vision. Custom rigid gas permeable contact lenses are worn while you sleep and removed the following morning providing clear, and lasting vision throughout the day without glasses or contact lenses. At dean samarkovski OPTOMETRIST located in Indooroopilly, Brisbane we provide the utmost care and attention of your eyes throughout this proceedure.
Ortho-k rigid contact lenses are highly specialised and custom made for each individual. Unlike typical contact lens designs, each ortho-k lens is designed to precisely redistribute the surface cells of the cornea which gently alters the shape of the front of the eye. One fantastic feature of ortho-k lenses is the fact that while they are busy reshaping the cornea overnight, you can actually still clearly see through the lenses, so waking and seeing in the middle of the night is not a problem.
To be suitable for orthokeratology, certain criteria must be met to obtain an excellent visual result.  It is vitally important for us to take these precise measurements before ascertaining whether orthokeratology is for you. Once it is established that orthokeratology is suitable for you, a lens is carefully selected  for you. An initial trial of overnight wear is commenced with a review scheduled the following morning or after 2 nights. If vision is improving and the treatment zone appears central to the pupil centre, continued wear of the initial lens commences with review after a further week. If the treatment zone is not precisely centered the lens design is altered to facillitate the improvements required. Typically, after just one night in the lens, vision without contacts or glasses improves significantly the following day, however the best results can take up to 2-4 weeks.
Ortho-k has been successfully performed by optometrists for many decades, and is considered a safe and reversible proceedure. In fact, if the retainer contact lenses are not worn overnight, the effect of clear daytime vision is soon lost after a few days, as the cornea returns to its original shape. 


 Clear natural vision all day 

Minimises allergies  

Minimises dryness

Completely reversible

Improved daytime comfort in airconditioning 

Safe alternative to laser surgery

Less cost than laser surgery


MYOPIA CONTROL AND ORTHO-K The fitting of Ortho-K contact lens has been shown in some studies to reduce the rate of progression of myopia by up to 50% in certain individuals. There is a significant benefit for considering Ortho-K contact lenses for young myopic patients, as it has the greatest effect  of all treatments in reducing the progression of myopia. 



Suits mild to moderate short-sightedness up to -8.00 dioptres of myopia 

Suits mild long-sightedness and astigmatism

Suits those requiring reading glasses over the age of 40

Suits those wanting clear vision for active hobbies and sport