We Care that You Care

Contact lenses offer an incredible freedom from wearing spectacles and as with most great things in life, care and moderation is paramount. Contact lenses if not maintained correctly, may cause irritation, damage or infection to the delicate corneal surface. Whilst on the eye, contact lenses are exposed to a great deal of different substances that are found in your natural tear fluid, surrounding skin, or external environment. An important function of the tear fluid is to maintain a clean and smooth eye surface that is kept free from irritants, abrasive particles, allergens and bacteria. Contact lenses however, will accumulate various deposits on the surface that may not be washed away with the normal movement of tear fluid. Therefore, the contact lens surface must be cleaned thoroughly each day to ensure their continual safe wear.

Not all solutions are the same

Treat your contact lenses well and they will treat your eyes well. Here are a couple of reasons why lens care solutions are not all the same. Firstly, when disposable lenses are soaked in disinfecting solutions, the chemical components of the lens interact with the solution ingredients sometimes leading to toxic byproducts which can result in damage to the outer layers of the corneal tissue. Secondly, the preservatives in lens care solutions may cause allergic reactions resulting in long periods of not being able to wear contact lenses.

We stock and recommend specialised lens care solutions. These solutions are considered the gold standard for lens care in those patients who are allergy prone, or for those that heavily deposit proteins and lipids on the lens surface. These solutions are the most effective cleaners of all systems available and require careful instruction on their use for the first time.

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