ANNE & VALENTIN: more than eyewear accessories

dean samarkovski OPTOMETRIST is a large stockist of Anne & Valentin eyewear ans sunglasses.  Originating in Toulouse, France back in 1984, the inception began when two souls met, Anne and of course, Valentin. Both had a common vision; to design frames that reflect each a customers individual personality and unique characteristics. This ethos is still current today and is testament to the success of this design philosophy.

With over 80 models in the collection, a clear sense of seperation has been achieved by dividing the range into concepts. Each concept attempts to balance the key values of the frames: energy, light, material, line, contrast and colour.


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An example of the philosophy behind one of our favourite concepts, the FACTORY CONCEPT.

The designer behind these frames wanted to achieve a pure, raw, hand finished feel. These are contemporary frames that abound with vital energy and force.

Inspiration has been taken from Andy Warhol's Factory studio, and will appeal to those that appreciate beautiful objects, architecture and design. The acetates used in this collection are cut and polished as usual, then sent back to the factory floor to get roughened up all over again.

The result is a frame that looks like it left the factory unfinished: structured, inspired, raw.


 deansamarkovski OPTOMETRIST